I-Hua Lee   李依樺 

In her body, landscape flourishes.
The woman who falls asleep anywhere, anytime
Kafka and the wonderland
Short conversation
The wonderful project
Some pauses, lights, and your backs
En route
Shifting gaze
Dinner at home
Self-portrait of a Chinese woman
Body part - Beard
I miss you





Artist's statement 



© I-Hua Lee 2006-2016


The wonderful project「美好計畫」
photography, text 攝影、文字
2013, 2014
SLY Art Space, Fu Jen Art Gallery in Taipei, and Soulangh Cultural Park in Tainan, Taiwan 新樂園藝術空間「李依樺個展」、輔仁藝廊及蕭壠文化園區「繽紛女聲--國際攝影展」展出,台灣台北



我詢問了50位友人,關於他們心中那個”美好”是什麼? 我發現人們仍然在追求美好的可能,有些是留戀過去的美好經驗,有些是寄情於未來或想像中的理想狀態。我嘗試將這些”美好”以情境再造、角色演繹等方式實現,並試圖用我的視角去詮釋他人的”美好”,加諸主觀的想像,虛構出一段段的美好故事。如此再現的”美好”可能跟本人心中的期待有差距,透露出真實與虛幻的距離,也或許”美好”只能存在想像裡。



In my mind, there are plenty of wonderful images which I yearn for all the time.  The perfection yet un-attainability of these wonderful images turn the idea of wonderfulness into an ideal.

I ask 50 friends about the wonderful image in their minds.  I find out that people are still pursuing the possibility of the wonderfulness.  It may be the nostalgia of the wonderful experiences in the past.  It may be a craving for an ideal state either in the future or in imagination.  By reproducing the circumstances or playing the role, I attempt to achieve the wonderfulness and interpret others’ wonderfulness from my viewpoint.  I create several wonderful stories even by self-performing the interviewee, tinted with my personal imagination to a certain degree.  The reproduced wonderfulness, as such, may diverge from their expectation, revealing the discrepancy between reality and imagination.  Perhaps, the wonderfulness can only exist in imagination. 

The wonderfulness is conveyed, received, subjectively comprehended, and then interpreted.  Hundreds of the wonderful images that I gather are re-presented and re-narrated through images, writings, and installation art.  With the interweaving of reality and ideality, this project attempts to form various emotional projections and perception from the audiences. 

This way to fulfill the wonderfulness imperceptibly enlarges the distance between itself and reality.  However, such act also represents the desire for wonderfulness in concrete and real-life experiences.  It makes this desire a real, authentic feel and experience.  Even though the reality is not always about one’s wish fulfilled, the slight individual desire is still positive and wonderful in a world that incessantly moves forward anyway.