I-Hua Lee   李依樺 

In her body, landscape flourishes.
The woman who falls asleep anywhere, anytime
Kafka and the wonderland
Short conversation
The wonderful project
Some pauses, lights, and your backs
En route
Shifting gaze
Dinner at home
Self-portrait of a Chinese woman
Body part - Beard
I miss you





Artist's statement 



© I-Hua Lee 2006-2016


I can never truly see myself. I look at myself in the mirror, and can not figure
out if it is my body being captured by my gaze, or is my gaze capturing my body?

The symbolic system reserved in society makes it problematic for me, as a woman,
to be seen and see myself. The female subject is culturally vulnerable to the
conventions of social behavior and dress code. In order to break the dominant
forms of representing difference, I create objects of public gaze. I use
satirical and cross-dressed costumes, backdrops, and performances to critique
the male possessiveness over femininity, implying the presence of a masquerade
that stands for social oppression and public opinions.

In making the mask, a gap is being built which achieves a distance between the
viewer and the images the viewer sees, and helps to produce identification.
Through the discourse between a female body and the outside world's gaze, I
aspire to create a new way for women to be represented in society.