I-Hua Lee   李依樺 

In her body, landscape flourishes.
The woman who falls asleep anywhere, anytime
Kafka and the wonderland
Short conversation
The wonderful project
Some pauses, lights, and your backs
En route
Shifting gaze
Dinner at home
Self-portrait of a Chinese woman
Body part - Beard
I miss you





Artist's statement 



© I-Hua Lee 2006-2016


Dinner at Home 〈我們回家吃飯〉
Video Installation 錄像裝置
Fresh Vietnamese food sealed with epoxy, wooden tray, table, cloth 新鮮食物、樹脂、餐桌、桌巾
Video footage from the trip to Vietnam in 2007. 2 minutes in loops.
Da Gallery, New York


My mother is an overseas Chinese who grew up in Vietnam. When she turned 19, she went to Taiwan to attend college, and never went back to Vietnam because of the war, which happened right after she left Saigon.

I invited my mother to visit Vietnam with me in the summer of 2007. It was 34 years after her departure.I was assuming that for most people away from home, returning would be something joyous. However, for my mother, it wasn’t. My mother did not recognize anything in Vietnam. The only thing she remembered was the food. Food became the only thing that meant “home” to her.

This piece represents my search for my mother’s history and memory. And how memory can be sealed and fade slowly. I am creating images of my mother’s memory, where there are so few.As with memory, the fresh food will decay eventually. This is the way I chose to tell a poignant story about my mother.